mug shot LoriLori DiCiaccio-Foster
Owner ~ Spice Merchant

Growing up in a large Italian family and spending much of my time in the kitchen alongside my parents and grandparents, it is no wonder I have found comfort, familiarity and passion within the culinary and spice world.

I was born in a small town just outside Boston and moved to California with my family before my teenage years. Throughout my childhood and continuing in my adult life, food seemed to be a central thread and played an important role in my life.  Gathering in the kitchen, preparing meals together, sitting down around the table with family all bring back amazing and fond memories. All those deep connections have led to a smooth transition into the world of spices.

Spice Of Life began through a love of family, food, health and love of cooking. It was very important to me to provide my family with healthy and delicious meals and at the same time keeping myself inspired and motivated in the kitchen. Using fresh herbs, as well as quality dried spices and herbs brought all those things to me.

Over the years, I began searching for high quality dried spices and herbs and not settling for spices that have been sitting in a warehouse and then on supermarket shelves for long periods of time. I was amazed at the difference this made. The wonderful tastes and aromas that came out of my kitchen and the interest and motivation it created for me was amazing. I started blending spices and creating traditional and one of a kind spice blends that put smiles on my family’s faces.

Spice Of Life was created so that I can share my spice blends and individual spices and herbs. I want to help others get inspired, motivated and most important, have fun in the kitchen. Of course, creating amazing meals that your family and friends will enjoy is just as important.

2015 La Familia Wine Tasting-010After creating my original six spice blends I became involved with our local farmers markets, selling IMG_1340 (1)my blends throughout the San Luis Obispo county. Six years later my husband found a location that was the perfect fit for my spice store. We built in a commercial kitchen along with an amazing retail space, creating a place where others could have access to superior spices, loose teas and medicinal herbs.

Our spice blends are easy to use, amazingly versatile and packed with vibrant flavor. Whether you are cooking vegetables, chicken, fish, meats, soups, stews or other dishes, my blends will provide delicious seasoning with the perfect balance of spices.

I encourage you to have fun in the kitchen, explore the possibilities, and look for exciting ways to expand your palate. Fuel your passion for creating flavor intense foods with our incredible spices and blends. Your taste buds will dance with joy!

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