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Ambrosia Tea – “Nectar”
This blend of black tea with hints of cinnamon and citrus is delicious
hot & iced. The medley of orange peel, currant, apricot and rosehips}
along with the strength of black tea makes this nectar for the gods.

Black tea, rosehips, orange peel, cinnamon chips, calendula petals,
currant leaves and apricot, mango, black currant & gooseberry flavors.
Contains Caffeine.

2 oz. ~ $10.50


Ginger Peach Tea
A hearty, black tea coupled with an exciting blend of ginger and
peach. This sweet and spicy combination brings forth
a warm and delightful cup of tea to enjoy with someone

Ingredients: Black tea, peach pieces, fruit flavor
Contains Caffeine

2 oz. ~ $10.50


Pomegranate Green Tea
Green Sencha tea with the classic aroma and flavor of the pomegranate
berry makes this a smooth and mellow cup of nectar. Delicious
hot or iced and is sure to be a crowd pleaser.

Green sencha, pink rose petals, pomegranate flavor
Contains Caffeine

2 oz. ~ $10.50


Passion Berry Herbal Tea
Bursting with flavor, this fruity cup of tea is free of caffeine
and full of sweetness. Cranberries, hibiscus and citrus
provides a healthy cup of tea with a delicious taste
that brings it over the top.

Hibiscus, cranberries, orange peel, apple, natural fruit flavor
Caffeine Free

2 oz. ~ $10.50


Cinnamon Apricot Herbal Tea
This stunning blend is sure to calm your mind and sooth your body.
All the health benefits of cinnamon with amazing flavor makes
this one of our favorite herbal teas. The beautiful combination,
}intoxicating aroma and smooth flavor puts a smile on your
face every time. Enjoy!

Ingredients: Marigold petals, cinnamon chips, apricot pieces, apricot essence.
Caffeine Free

2 oz. ~ $10.50


Peppermint Ginger Herbal Tea 
Relax at the end of the day with this pale cup of herbal wonder.
Peppermint and ginger are said to aid in digestion and chamomile
puts your mind and body at ease. This tea feels good and is
a beautiful combination of some of the best that nature has to offer.

Ingredients: Peppermint, ginger, orange peel, fennel, lemon balm,
chamomile, rose petals, papaya leaf
Caffeine Free
2 oz. ~ $10.50


Jasmine Tea
Celebrate with this amazing combination of green sencha and
jasmine petals. From the capital and largest province in China,
this infusion has a strong base and a beautiful aroma that provides
you with a luscious pale cup of goodness.

Ingredients: Green sencha, jasmine petals
Contains Caffeine

2 oz. ~ $10.50


Passion Peach Tea
The sweet aroma combined with a bold peach flavor is enjoyed year
round. Our fruitiest tea is popular in both the winter and summer ~
spectacular hot or iced. If you’re looking for a wonderful peachy
cup of tea look no further. Enjoy!!!

Ingredients: Black O.P. tea, orange flowers, elderberries, bee pollen,
passion fruit, peach and tropical fruit flavors
Contains Caffeine

2 oz. ~ $10.50


Chai Tea
Our tasty Chai blend is make with the classic spiciness mingled
with a full bodied black tea. This invigorating tea is delicious
hot or cold and is usually served with cream and sugar.

Ingredients: Cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, black tea, allspice, cloves, black pepper
Contains Caffeine

2 oz. ~ $10.50


Earl Grey Tea
Classic, traditional and amazing visually, our Earl Grey’s dark full O.P.
leaves are blended with a touch of cornflower petals and the sweetness
of bergamot. Inviting and enjoyable, this tea should be enjoyed peacefully
or with a group of family and friends.

Ingredients: Black tea, cornflower petals, oil of bergamot
Contains Caffeine

2 oz. ~ $10.50