Black Tea – “Robust”
Hearty and full flavored, black tea has an underlying malty characteristic
and a sweetness that provides a wonderful red cup of tea.

Ingredients: Black tea
Contains Caffeine
$5.95 – 20 tea bags

Earl Grey Tea – “Classic”
The sweet and citrus flavor from the bergamot oil softens this black
tea with a wonderful delicate fruitiness and a beautiful aroma
fills the room.  Classic teas are classic for obvious reasons and
Earl Grey is no exception!

Ingredients: Black tea, oil of Bergamot
Contains Caffeine
$4.95 – 20 tea bags

Mango Tea – “Irresistible”
A robust black tea flavor with the distinction of Mango fruit proves
irresistible in this deep red cup of tea. Beautiful in color, delicious
in flavor, it is an exotic infusion!

Ingredients: Black tea, natural mango fruit flavoring
Contains Caffeine
$5.95 – 20 tea bags

Oolong Tea – “Black Dragon”
Oolong tea combines the robust flavors of black tea with the lighter
tastes of green tea. Complex with a natural sweetness, Oolong tea
is enjoyable to drink any time of day!

Ingredients: Oolong tea
Contains Caffeine
$4.95 – 20 tea bags

Green Tea – “Calming”
Enjoy the soft taste, delicate aroma and pale golden color in this
classic green tea. Hints of fruit alongside a wholesome earthiness,
this tea produces a peaceful & calming taste experience!

Ingredients: Green Tea
Contains Caffeine
$5.95 – 20 tea bags

White Tea – “Divine”
White tea comes from the same Camellia sinensis plant as black, green and oolong
tea however it is the least processed of all the teas. It is also high in antioxidants.
Light, fresh and sweet, this pale yellow cup of tea is simply divine!

Ingredients: White tea
Contains Caffeine
$5.95 – 20 tea bags

Hibiscus Mint Tea – “Refreshing”
Enjoy the many health benefits with Hibiscus tea every day. The
light and fresh taste of mint swirled with floral notes of hibiscus
blossoms create a simple and magnificent cup of herbal tea!

Ingredients: Hibiscus, peppermint leaf, stevia leaf
Naturally Caffeine Free
$5.95 – 20 tea bags

Rooibus (Roy-bus) Tea – “Velvet Infusion”
Soft citrus sweetness and mild flavor, Rooibus can be enjoyed
hot and chilled. Blooming in popularity, this tea-like shrub
is grown in the mountains in South Africa and has long been
know for its health benefits. Enjoy this deep red velvet infusion
any time of day!

Ingredients: Rooibus
Natural Caffeine Free
$5.95 – 20 tea bags

Chamomile Tea – “Nature’s Balance”
Relax, soothe and relieve stress in a natural way. Chamomile
tea is Mother Nature’s way of keeping peace and harmony in our
lives. Sit back and enjoy!

Ingredients: Chamomile flower
Naturally Caffeine Free
$4.95 – 20 tea bags

Lemongrass Tea – “Zzzzz”
The fragrant scent of lemon is how lemongrass got it’s name.
Among other health benefits, lemongrass can provide a natural
relief for colds and fevers. Having trouble sleeping at night?
Lemongrass tea will have you counting sheep in no time!

Ingredients: Lemongrass
Natural Caffeine Free
$4.95 – 20 tea bags

Chai Tea – “Invigorating”
Our weave of spices combined with rich black tea makes for an
invigorating and delicious cup of tea. It’s tasty hot or chilled
and can be served with cream and sugar. This spicy drink is
perfect for summer and winter!

Ingredients: Cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, black tea, allspice,
cloves and black pepper.
Contains Caffeine
$6.95 – 20 tea bags